What can be learned from the BABAR Silicon Vertex Tracker running experience

V. Re, D. Kirkby, M. Bruinsma, S. Curry, J. Berryhill, S. Burke, D. Callahan, C. Campagnari, B. Dahmes, D. Hale, P. Hart, S. Kyre, S. Levy, O. Long, M. Mazur, J. Richman, J. Stoner, W. Verkerke, T. Beck, A. M. EisnerJ. Kroseberg, W. S. Lockman, G. Nesom, A. Seiden, P. Spradlin, W. Walkowiak, M. Wilson, C. Bozzi, G. Cibinetto, L. Piemontese, H. L. Snoek, D. Brown, E. Charles, S. Dardin, F. Goozen, L. T. Kerth, A. Gritsan, G. Lynch, N. A. Roe, C. Chen, W. Houlsbergen, C. K. Lae, V. Lillard, D. Roberts, A. Lazzaro, F. Palombo, L. Ratti, P. F. Manfredi, E. Mandelli, C. Angelini, G. Batignani, S. Bettarini, M. Bondioli, F. Bosi, F. Bucci, G. Calderini, M. Carpinelli, M. Ceccanti, F. Forti, M. A. Giorgi, A. Lusiani, P. Mammini, G. Marchiori, M. Morganti, F. Morsani, N. Neri, E. Paoloni, A. Profeti, M. Rama, G. Rizzo, G. Simi, J. Walsh, P. Elmer, A. Perazzo, P. Burchat, A. J. Edwards, S. Majewski, B. A. Petersen, C. Roat, M. Bona, F. Bianchi, D. Gamba, P. Trapani, L. Bosisio, C. Cartaro, F. Cossutti, G. Della Ricca, S. Dittongo, S. Grancagnolo, L. Lanceri, L. Vitale, M. Datta, A. Mihalyi

Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


The Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) of the BABAR experiment at SLAC is a crucial tool to measure with precision the decay position of B mesons produced in the PEP-II electron-positron collisions. It is structured in five layers made of double-sided, AC coupled silicon microstrip sensors. In this paper, a review of some of the technical solutions chosen in the detector design phase is presented. In particular, we focus here on those elements which turned out to be sources of problems during the installation and the first few years of operation; the solutions adopted to solve the problems are presented together with recommendations and proposals for alternate future designs.

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


  • Radiation damage
  • Silicon detectors
  • Strip detectors
  • Tracking


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