Vetting of 384 TESS Objects of Interest with TRICERATOPS and Statistical Validation of 12 Planet Candidates

Steven Giacalone, Courtney D. Dressing, Eric L.N. Jensen, Karen A. Collins, George R. Ricker, Roland Vanderspek, S. Seager, Joshua N. Winn, Jon M. Jenkins, Thomas Barclay, Khalid Barkaoui, Charles Cadieux, David Charbonneau, Kevin I. Collins, Dennis M. Conti, René Doyon, Phil Evans, Mourad Ghachoui, Michaël Gillon, Natalia M. GuerreroRhodes Hart, Emmanuël Jehin, John F. Kielkopf, Brian McLean, Felipe Murgas, Enric Palle, Hannu Parviainen, Francisco J. Pozuelos, Howard M. Relles, Avi Shporer, Quentin Socia, Chris Stockdale, Thiam Guan Tan, Guillermo Torres, Joseph D. Twicken, William C. Waalkes, Ian A. Waite

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We present TRICERATOPS, a new Bayesian tool that can be used to vet and validate TESS Objects of Interest (TOIs). We test the tool on 68 TOIs that have been previously confirmed as planets or rejected as astrophysical false positives. By looking in the false-positive probability (FPP)-nearby false-positive probability (NFPP) plane, we define criteria that TOIs must meet to be classified as validated planets (FPP < 0.015 and NFPP < 10-3), likely planets (FPP < 0.5 and NFPP < 10-3), and likely nearby false positives (NFPP > 10-1). We apply this procedure on 384 unclassified TOIs and statistically validate 12, classify 125 as likely planets, and classify 52 as likely nearby false positives. Of the 12 statistically validated planets, 9 are newly validated. TRICERATOPS is currently the only TESS vetting and validation tool that models transits from nearby contaminant stars in addition to the target star. We therefore encourage use of this tool to prioritize follow-up observations that confirm bona fide planets and identify false positives originating from nearby stars.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number24
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2021

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Space and Planetary Science


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