Thermoheliodome design, optimization and fabrication

Jake R. Read, Forrest Meggers, Nicholas Houchois, Gideon Aschwanden, Eric Teitelbaum, Sigrid M. Adriaenssens, Landolf G. Rhode-Barbarigos, Yousef Anastas, Sean Coffers, Jovan Pantelic

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The Thermoheliodome, a digitally fabricated radiant cooling pavilion, addresses the energy challenge of buildings through a novel form and concept. We control the effective radiant temperature of a large area by expanding the surface area through reflection, which minimizes convective losses. Our novel geometric analysis for capture and concentration of diffuse heat emission from bodies resulted in a cone-shaped 'lamp' form. The optimization resulted in a hexagonal array of 55 cones across a 6 meter dome, which expands radiant emission surface area by a factor of 6, shifting outdoor comfort perception with minimal losses to the outside air.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)273-278
Number of pages6
JournalEnergy Procedia
StatePublished - Nov 1 2015
Event6th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC 2015 - Torino, Italy
Duration: Jun 14 2015Jun 17 2015

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  • Energy(all)


  • Passive cooling
  • Pavilion
  • Pavilion cooling
  • Radiant cooling
  • Thermal comfort

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    Read, J. R., Meggers, F., Houchois, N., Aschwanden, G., Teitelbaum, E., Adriaenssens, S. M., Rhode-Barbarigos, L. G., Anastas, Y., Coffers, S., & Pantelic, J. (2015). Thermoheliodome design, optimization and fabrication. Energy Procedia, 78, 273-278.