The WArP dark matter search

Giuliana Fiorillo, R. Acciarri, M. Antonello, N. Canci, F. Cavanna, F. Di Pompeo, L. Grandi, O. Palamara, L. Pandola, C. Rubbia, E. Segreto, A. M. Szelc, F. Carbonara, A. G. Cocco, G. Mangano, B. Baibussinov, S. Centro, M. B. Ceolin, G. Meng, F. PietropaoloS. Ventura, P. Benetti, E. Calligarich, M. Cambiaghi, C. Montanari, A. Rappoldi, G. L. Raselli, M. Roncadelli, M. Rossella, C. Vignoli, J. Appel, F. Calaprice, C. Galbiati, D. Krohn, B. Loer

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WArP is a graded programme to search for Wimp dark matter with liquid argon. The WArP 100l detector is being assembled and should start data taking in the next few months. We expect to increase the sensitivity of about a factor 100 with respect to the 2.3 liters protoype, which has been operational since 2005, allowing for an intense R&D programme that has given us insight to crucial LAr properties. The current status of the experiment and the main results obtained with the prototype are reviewed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalProceedings of Science
StatePublished - Aug 22 2008
EventIdentification of Dark Matter 2008, IDM 2008 - Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: Aug 18 2008Aug 22 2008

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