The Chandra X-ray point-source catalog in the DEEP2 galaxy redshift survey fields

A. D. Goulding, W. R. Forman, R. C. Hickox, C. Jones, R. Kraft, S. S. Murray, A. Vikhlinin, A. L. Coil, M. C. Cooper, M. Davis, J. A. Newman

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We present the X-ray point-source catalog produced from the Chandra Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS-I) observations of the combined ∼3.2deg2 DEEP2 (XDEEP2) survey fields, which consist of four ∼0.7-1.1deg2 fields. The combined total exposures across all four XDEEP2 fields range from ∼10ks to 1.1Ms. We detect X-ray point sources in both the individual ACIS-I observations and the overlapping regions in the merged (stacked) images. We find a total of 2976 unique X-ray sources within the survey area with an expected false-source contamination of ≈30sources (1%). We present the combined log N-log S distribution of sources detected across the XDEEP2 survey fields and find good agreement with the Extended Chandra Deep Field and Chandra-COSMOS fields to fx,0.5-2kev ∼ 2×10 -16erg cm -2s -1. Given the large survey area of XDEEP2, we additionally place relatively strong constraints on the log N-log S distribution at high fluxes (fx,0.5-2kev ∼ 3×10 -14erg cm-2 s-1), and find a small systematic offset (a factor ∼1.5) toward lower source numbers in this regime, when compared to smaller area surveys. The number counts observed in XDEEP2 are in close agreement with those predicted by X-ray background synthesis models. Additionally, we present a Bayesian-style method for associating the X-ray sources with optical photometric counterparts in the DEEP2 catalog (complete to RAB < 25.2) and find that 2126 (≈71.4% ± 2.8%) of the 2976 X-ray sources presented here have a secure optical counterpart with a ≲ 6% contamination fraction. We provide the DEEP2 optical source properties (e.g., magnitude, redshift) as part of the X-ray-optical counterpart catalog.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number6
JournalAstrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Issue number1
StatePublished - Sep 2012
Externally publishedYes

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
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  • galaxies: active
  • surveys
  • X-rays: galaxies


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