Structure, characterization and reactivity of Pt-Sn surface alloys

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Thermally stable, ordered surface alloys of Sn and Pt that isolate threefold Pt, twofold Pt, and single-Pt atom sites can be produced by controlled deposition of Sn onto Pt single crystals and annealing. The structure was established by characterization with several techniques, including ALISS, XPD, LEED, and STM. Chemisorption and catalysis studies of these well-defined, bimetallic surfaces also define the overall chemical reactivity of Pt-Sn alloys, clarify the role of a second-metal component in altering chemistry and catalysis on Pt alloys, and develop general principles that describe the reactivity and selectivity of bimetallic alloy catalysts.

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Title of host publicationModel Systems in Catalysis
Subtitle of host publicationSingle Crystals to Supported Enzyme Mimics
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StatePublished - 2010
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