Strain-induced fermi contour anisotropy of GaAs 2D holes

J. Shabani, M. Shayegan, R. Winkler

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We report measurements of magnetoresistance commensurability peaks, induced by a square array of antidots, in GaAs (311)A two-dimensional holes as a function of applied in-plane strain. The data directly probe the shapes of the Fermi contours of the two spin subbands that are split thanks to the spin-orbit interaction and strain. The experimental results are in quantitative agreement with the predictions of accurate energy band calculations, and reveal that the majority spin subband has a severely distorted Fermi contour whose anisotropy can be tuned with strain.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number096803
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number9
StatePublished - Mar 7 2008

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  • General Physics and Astronomy


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