Sloan digital sky survey imaging of low galactic latitude fields: Technical summary and data release

Douglas P. Finkbeiner, Nikhil Padmanabhan, David J. Schlegel, Michael A. Carr, James E. Gunn, Constance M. Rockosi, Maki Sekiguchi, Robert H. Lupton, G. R. Knapp, Željko Ivezić, Michael R. Blanton, David W. Hogg, Jennifer K. Adelman-McCarthy, James Annis, Jeffrey Hayes, Ellynne Kinney, Daniel C. Long, Uroš Seljak, Michael A. Strauss, Brian YannyMarcel A. Agüeros, Sahar S. Allam, Scott F. Anderson, Neta A. Bahcall, Ivan K. Baldry, Mariangela Bernardi, William N. Boroski, John W. Briggs, J. Brinkmann, Robert J. Brunner, Tamás Budavári, Francisco J. Castander, Kevin R. Covey, István Csabai, Mamoru Doi, Feng Dong, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Xiaohui Fan, Scott D. Friedman, Masataka Fukugita, Bruce Gillespie, Eva K. Grebel, Vijay K. Gurbani, Ernst De Haas, Frederick H. Harris, John S. Hendry, Gregory S. Hennessy, Sebastian Jester, David E. Johnston, Anders M. Jorgensen, Mario Jurić, Stephen M. Kent, Alexei Yu Kniazev, Jurek Krzesiński, R. French Leger, Huan Lin, Jon Loveday, Ed Mannery, David Martínez-Delgado, Peregrine M. McGehee, Avery Meiksin, Jeffrey A. Munn, Eric H. Neilsen, Peter R. Newman, Atsuko Nitta, George Pauls, Thomas R. Quinn, R. R. Rafikov, Gordon T. Richards, Michael W. Richmond, Donald P. Schneider, Joshua Schroeder, Kazu Shimasaku, Walter A. Siegmund, J. Allyn Smith, Stephanie A. Snedden, Albert Stebbins, Alexander S. Szalay, Gyula P. Szokoly, Max Tegmark, Douglas L. Tucker, Alan Uomoto, Daniel E. Vanden Berk, David H. Weinberg, Andrew A. West, Naoki Yasuda, D. R. Yocum, Donald G. York, Idit Zehavi

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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) mosaic camera and telescope have obtained five-band optical-wavelength imaging near the Galactic plane outside of the nominal survey boundaries. These additional data were obtained during commissioning and subsequent testing of the SDSS observing system, and they provide unique wide-area imaging data in regions of high obscuration and star formation, including numerous young stellar objects, Herbig-Haro objects, and young star clusters. Because these data are outside the survey regions in the Galactic caps, they are not part of the standard SDSS data releases. This paper presents imaging data for 832 square degrees of sky (including repeats), in the star-forming regions of Orion, Taurus, and Cygnus. About 470 deg 2 are now released to the public, with the remainder to follow at the time of SDSS Data Release 4. The public data in Orion include the star-forming region NGC 2068/NGC 2071/HH 24 and a large part of Barnard's loop.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2577-2592
Number of pages16
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number5
StatePublished - Nov 2004

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