Rubin commissioning camera: Integration, functional testing, and lab performance

Brian Stalder, Kevin Reil, Chuck Claver, Ming Liang, Tei Wei Tsai, Travis Lange, Justine Haupt, Oliver Wiecha, Margaux Lopez, Gary Poczulp, Diane Hascall, Douglas Neill, Jacques Sebag, Brian Johnson, Neill Mills, Myung Cho, Homer Neal, Scott Newbry, Shawn Osier, Rafe SchindlerDmitry Onoprienko, Anthony Johnson, R. Glenn Morris, Max Turri, Alan Eisner, Stephen Cisneros, Van Xiong, Michael Huffer, Gregg Thayer, Ronald Harris, Anthony Borstad, Anthony Tache, William Schoening, J. Anthony Tyson, Craig Lage, Merlin Fisher-Levin, Robert Lupton, Andres Plazas, Felipe Menanteau, Htut Khine Htay, Stephen Pietrowicz, James Howard

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

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Earth and Planetary Sciences