Roadmap on organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite semiconductors and devices

Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Vladimir Dyakonov, Selina Olthof, Feray Ünlü, Khan Moritz Trong Lê, Sanjay Mathur, Andrei D. Karabanov, Doru C. Lupascu, Laura M. Herz, Alexander Hinderhofer, Frank Schreiber, Alexey Chernikov, David A. Egger, Oleksandra Shargaieva, Caterina Cocchi, Eva Unger, Michael Saliba, Mahdi Malekshahi Byranvand, Martin Kroll, Frederik NehmKarl Leo, Alex Redinger, Julian Höcker, Thomas Kirchartz, Jonathan Warby, Emilio Gutierrez-Partida, Dieter Neher, Martin Stolterfoht, Uli Würfel, Moritz Unmüssig, Jan Herterich, Clemens Baretzky, John Mohanraj, Mukundan Thelakkat, Clément Maheu, Wolfram Jaegermann, Thomas Mayer, Janek Rieger, Thomas Fauster, Daniel Niesner, Fengjiu Yang, Steve Albrecht, Thomas Riedl, Azhar Fakharuddin, Maria Vasilopoulou, Yana Vaynzof, Davide Moia, Joachim Maier, Marius Franckevičius, Vidmantas Gulbinas, Ross A. Kerner, Lianfeng Zhao, Barry P. Rand, Nadja Glück, Thomas Bein, Fabio Matteocci, Luigi Angelo Castriotta, Aldo Di Carlo, Matthias Scheffler, Claudia Draxl

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Metal halide perovskites are the first solution processed semiconductors that can compete in their functionality with conventional semiconductors, such as silicon. Over the past several years, perovskite semiconductors have reported breakthroughs in various optoelectronic devices, such as solar cells, photodetectors, light emitting and memory devices, and so on. Until now, perovskite semiconductors face challenges regarding their stability, reproducibility, and toxicity. In this Roadmap, we combine the expertise of chemistry, physics, and device engineering from leading experts in the perovskite research community to focus on the fundamental material properties, the fabrication methods, characterization and photophysical properties, perovskite devices, and current challenges in this field. We develop a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art and offer readers an informed perspective of where this field is heading and what challenges we have to overcome to get to successful commercialization.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number109202
JournalAPL Materials
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 1 2021

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  • General Materials Science
  • General Engineering


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