RF and mm-Wave Power Generation in Silicon

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This book presents the challenges and solutions of designing power amplifiers at RF and mm-Wave frequencies in a silicon-based process technology. It covers practical power amplifier design methodologies, energy- and spectrum-efficient power amplifier design examples in the RF frequency for cellular and wireless connectivity applications, and power amplifier and power generation designs for enabling new communication and sensing applications in the mm-Wave and THz frequencies. With this book you will learn: Power amplifier design fundamentals and methodologies. Latest advances in silicon-based RF power amplifier architectures and designs and their integration in wireless communication systems. State-of-the-art mm-Wave/THz power amplifier and power generation circuits and systems in silicon. Extensive coverage from fundamentals to advanced design topics, focusing on various layers of abstraction: from device modeling and circuit design strategy to advanced digital and mixed-signal architectures for highly efficient and linear power amplifiers. New architectures for power amplifiers in the cellar and wireless connectivity covering detailed design methodologies and state-of-the-art performances. Detailed design techniques, trade-off analysis and design examples for efficiency enhancement at power back-off and linear amplification for spectrally-efficient non-constant envelope modulations. Extensive coverage of mm-Wave power-generation techniques from the early days of the 60 GHz research to current state-of the-art reconfigurable, digital mm-Wave PA architectures. Detailed analysis of power generation challenges in the higher mm-Wave and THz frequencies and novel technical solutions for a wide range for potential applications, including ultrafast wireless communication to sensing, imaging and spectroscopy. Contributions from the world-class experts from both academia and industry.

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PublisherElsevier Inc.
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StatePublished - Dec 4 2015

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