R. J. Hawryluk, M. G. Bell, M. Bitter, W. R. Blanchard, N. Bretz, C. Bush, J. L. Cecchi, Samuel A. Cohen, J. Coonrod, S. L. Davis, D. Dimock, H. F. Dylla, P. C. Efthimion, R. Fonck, Robert James Goldston

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During the past year, the research activities on TFTR have encompassed three broad areas. The first was to extend the operating range of TFTR. Plasma currents up to 1. 5 MA were achieved in discharges with a equals 0. 83 m, R equals 2. 55 m at a toroidal field of 2. 7 T. In these large plasmas, the maximum line average density was 3. 35 multiplied by 10**1**9 m** minus **3. The second activity was a study of the scaling of the energy confinement time, tau //E, in ohmically heated discharges as a function of plasma current, density, and plasma size. The third activity was a study of adiabatic compression. During compression, the plasma current and ion temperature scaled approximately as predicted; however, the electron temperature and density scaled less strongly than predicted for ideal compression.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages21
StatePublished - Dec 1 1984

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