Bruce E. Koel, J. M. White, J. L. Erskine, P. R. Antoniewicz

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A review is presented of experiments and theory related to photodesorption and photoreactions over transition metals. At wavelengths above 300 nm, photoinduced desorption of CO from Ni appears to be thermally induced. Around 250 nm there appears to be a true quantum effect in the photodesorption of CO from W and perhaps from Ni, although the latter experiments may be dominated by background effects. The theory that can be applied to the photodesorption problem relies heavily on analogies between photodesorption and electron stimulated desorption. Existing models invoke Auger transitions and electron tunneling as the key steps. These models are in the very early stages of development. For reactions, the only well established case of photoenhancement involving small molecules is the CO oxidation over Pd at pressures of around 1 torr.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)27-45
Number of pages19
JournalAdvances in Chemistry Series
StatePublished - 1980
EventAdv Chem Ser 184, Interfacial Photoprocesses, Energy Convers and Synth. Based on Symp at the 176th Meet of the ACS - Miami Beach, FL, USA
Duration: Sep 11 1978Sep 13 1978

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