Organometallics in 2017: A global endeavor

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Paul J. Chirik, Editor-in-Chief, Organometallics, discusses the global importance of organometallic chemistry. Although Organometallics is published by the American Chemical Society, they are striving to make the journal as internationally diverse as possible. As part of this effort, Paul published a special issue entitled Organometallics in Asia, with Professors Shuli You and Liang Deng serving as the Guest Editors. He also had the opportunity to congratulation the winners of the 2016 GEQO awards for organometallic chemistry in Spain. On a more personal note, 2016 brought him to various locations around the globe, where I witnessed the international vibrancy of organometallic chemistry. As Editor-in-Chief, he had the opportunity to travel to Moscow to visit Distinguished Author Awardee Professor Valentine Ananikov, of the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry and the Russian Academy of Sciences. He had the opportunity to interview Valentine about his chemistry, his skills in communicating science, and the accuracy of some of his predictions about the future of organometallic chemistry, as well as the scientific culture in Russia in the past and in the present. In addition to visits to Spain and Russia, he had the opportunity to visit Germany, Heron Island in Australia, the Canadian Society of Chemistry Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and small molecule activation conferences in Cancun. Some of these conferences were inorganic focused, others more physical, and some oriented more toward catalysis and applications to organic chemistry. Paul is seeking to expand the reach and impact of the journal through its social media presence and his dedicated author and reviewer base in 2017.

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StatePublished - Jan 9 2017

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