New dynamic public finance: A user's guide

Mikhail Golosov, Aleh Tsyvinski, Iván Werning

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This paper reviews recent advances in the theory of optimal policy in a dynamic Mirrlees setting, and contrasts this approach to the one based on the representative-agent Ramsey framework. We revisit three classical issues and focus on insights and results that contrast with those from the Ramsey approach. In particular, we illustrate, using a simple two period economy, the implications for capital taxation, tax smoothing, and time inconsistency.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationNBER Macroeconomics Annual
PublisherUniversity of Chicago Press
Number of pages47
ISBN (Print)0262012391, 9780262012393
StatePublished - 2006

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NameNBER Macroeconomics Annual
ISSN (Print)0889-3365

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  • Economics and Econometrics


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