P. G. Felton, D. J. Brown

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A laser light diffraction sizing technique has been applied successfully to the study of the growth of potassium iodide crystals in supersaturated aqueous solution. There was no time delay in presenting the crystals to the sizer since the crystal growth took place in the measurement cell through which the light beam passed. Of the 64 sets of crystal size distribution, recorded one every 3 seconds, approximately 40 are reported for a crystal growth period of about 2 minutes. The growth of crystals with time, out of one size range and into another, has been demonstrated. However, more experimental data is needed before an attempt is made to correlate crystal growth rate with degree of supersaturation, crystal size, etc. Practical experience and a simple obscuration theory are used to demonstrate the limitations of the technique.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)7:1/1-7:1/9
JournalInstitution of Chemical Engineers Symposium Series
Issue number59
StatePublished - 1980
EventSolids Sep Processes, Int Symp - Dublin, Irel
Duration: Apr 1 1980Apr 1 1980

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