Magnetic, electric and thermoelectric properties of the quasi-1D cobalt oxides Ba1-xLaxCoO3 (x = 0, 0.2)

K. Yamaura, R. J. Cava

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The quasi-1D structure-type ferromagnetic (FM) cobalt oxide BaCoO3 was doped with La to a composition Ba0.8La0.2CoO3 (hexagonal, a = 5.585(1) angstroms and c = 4.721(1) angstroms), introducing 0.2 electrons per formula unit. Magnetic, electric and thermoelectric properties are compared to those of BaCoO3. The electrical resistivity decreases approximately one order of magnitude at room temperature (5×10-1 Ω cm), but remains semiconducting. The nearest-neighbor magnetic interaction in chain is FM (J/kB to approximately +94 K), and no manifest magnetic long-range order was observed above 5 K. Variable-range hopping behavior in the thermopower was found. Anderson localization is most likely to explain the poor electrical conductivity, as was suggested for the parent material BaCoO3.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)301-305
Number of pages5
JournalSolid State Communications
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 28 2000

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