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Under the heading 'books useful for demonstrations' (On My Own Books [Lib.Prop.] XIX 39): On demonstration, in fifteen books (ibid. 41) On things necessary for demonstrations, in one book (ibid. 43) On propositions with the same meaning, in one book On propositions missed out in the expression of demonstrations, in one book On proofs with 'because', in one book /On the number of syllogisms, in one book On example, in two books On induction, in one book On simile, in one book On hypothetical principles, in one book On similarity, in three books On what we mean in natural language by 'genus' and 'species' and words allied to them, in one book On the possible, in one book (ibid. 44) On things said in many ways, in three books On what's common and particular in the arts, in one book On arguments which refute themselves, in one book On possible propositions, in one book On syllogisms from mixed propositions, in one book How one should distinguish an enquiry into things from one into word and meaning, in one book.

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