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WORKS OF GALEN CONCERNING LOGIC (LOST UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED) Under the heading 'commentaries on Hippocrates' (On My Own Books [Lib.Prop.] XIX 33): An explanation of Hippocratic terminology (ibid. 37) Under the heading 'books useful for demonstrations' (ibid. 39): On propositions with the same meaning, in one book (ibid. 43) On things said in many ways, in three books How one should distinguish an enquiry into things from one into word and meaning, in one book On the correctness of names, in three books Against those who interpret words abusively, in one book (ibid. 44) On the enquiry into word and meaning (ibid. 45) Under the heading 'works concerning the philosophy of Aristotle' (ibid. 47): Commentary on On how many ways, in three books Commentary on Eudemus' Speech, in three books On linguistic sophisms (Soph.) Under the heading ‘works common to grammarians and orators’ (ibid. 48): Dictionary of words used by the Attic prose-writers, in forty-eight books.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2008
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