Inelastic neutron scattering measurements of the diffusion in -Ag2S

B. H. Grier, S. M. Shapiro, R. J. Cava

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Inelastic neutron scattering measurements have been performed on Ag2S in both the cubic superionic phase (T>450 K) and the monoclinic low-ionic conductivity phase (T<450 K). The diffuse scattering observed in x-ray measurements in the superionic phase near Q=(1.6,1,0) is shown to be entirely due to inelastic scattering resulting from correlations among the delocalized silver ions. A low-energy (2-meV) excitation has been observed at Q=(1.6,1,0) in the room-temperature phase which may be related to a local mode of the silver atoms. The energy of this mode decreases as temperature is increased. The results are discussed in terms of the "microdomain" model of silver diffusion in -Ag2S developed to explain the x-ray scattering results.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3810-3814
Number of pages5
JournalPhysical Review B
Issue number7
StatePublished - 1984
Externally publishedYes

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  • Condensed Matter Physics


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