Humeanism about Motivation

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Title of host publicationA Companion to the Philosophy of Action
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StatePublished - Jul 29 2010

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  • Deeper objection to HTM - that Hume was wrong to suppose that desire and belief are distinct existences
  • HTM, psychological states constituting motivations - pairs of intrinsic desires and means-end beliefs
  • Humean theory of motivation (HTM) - named after the Scottish philosopher David Hume
  • Humeanism about motivation
  • Motivations, important explanatory role - according to HTM, figuring in constitutive explanations of actions
  • Objection, two objections rolled into one - initial objection, just another variation on the objection that belief and secondly desire
  • Problem with second version of final objection - that it is left unclear, what it is for something to seem good to someone


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