HATS-1b: The first transiting planet discovered by the hatsouth survey

K. Penev, G. Á Bakos, D. Bayliss, A. Jordán, M. Mohler, G. Zhou, V. Suc, M. Rabus, J. D. Hartman, L. Mancini, B. Béky, Z. Csubry, L. Buchhave, T. Henning, N. Nikolov, B. Csák, R. Brahm, N. Espinoza, P. Conroy, R. W. NoyesD. D. Sasselov, B. Schmidt, D. J. Wright, C. G. Tinney, B. C. Addison, J. Lázár, I. Papp, P. Sári

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We report the discovery of HATS-1b, a transiting extrasolar planet orbiting the moderately bright V = 12.05 G dwarf star GSC 6652-00186, and the first planet discovered by HATSouth, a global network of autonomous wide-field telescopes. HATS-1b has a period of P ≈ 3.4465 days, mass of M p ≈ 1.86 M J, and radius of R p ≈ 1.30 R J. The host star has a mass of 0.99 M⊙ and radius of 1.04 R⊙. The discovery light curve of HATS-1b has near-continuous coverage over several multi-day timespans, demonstrating the power of using a global network of telescopes to discover transiting planets.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number5
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2013

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Space and Planetary Science


  • planetary systems
  • stars: individual (HATS-1, GSC 6652-00186)
  • techniques: photometric
  • techniques: spectroscopic


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