R. J. Fonck, P. Beirsdorfer, M. Bell, K. Bol, D. Boyd, D. Buchenauer, R. Budny, A. Cavallo, P. Couture, T. Crowley, D. Darrow, S. Davis, H. F. Dylla, H. Eubank, Robert James Goldston

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A regime of enhanced energy confinement during neutral beam heating has been routinely obtained in the PDX tokamak after modifications to form a closed divertor geometry. Plasma density profiles were broad and the electron temperature at the plasma edge reached values of about 400 eV in the H-mode phase of a discharge. A comparison of closed divertor discharges with moderate and intense gas puffing indicates that a requirement for obtaining high confinement times is the localization of the plasma fueling source in the divertor throat region. Initial results with a particle scoop limiter indicate high particle confinement times and energy confinement times approaching those of diverted H-mode plasmas.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages19
StatePublished - Dec 1 1984

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    Fonck, R. J., Beirsdorfer, P., Bell, M., Bol, K., Boyd, D., Buchenauer, D., Budny, R., Cavallo, A., Couture, P., Crowley, T., Darrow, D., Davis, S., Dylla, H. F., Eubank, H., & Goldston, R. J. (1984). H-MODE STUDIES IN PDX.. 37-55.