Global energy confinement scaling for neutralrbeam-heated tokamaks

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A total of 677 representative discharges from seven neutral-beam-heated tokamaks have been used to study the parametric scaling of global energy confinement time. Contributions to this data base were from Asdex, DITE, D-HI, ISX-B, PDX, PLT and TFR, and were taken from results of gettered, L-mode type discharges. Assuming a power law dependence of rE on the discharge parameters K, Ip, Bt, ne Ptot. a and R, standard multiple linear regression techniques were used in two steps to determine the scaling. The results indicate that the discharges used in the study are well described by the scaling#x201D; 0.28 -0.09, 1.24_0.26 -0.58 -0.49 1.6SrEcc/c BT Ip ne Ptot a R.

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JournalNuclear Fusion
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StatePublished - Jan 1985

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