Generation of Spin Currents by Magnetic Field in-and-Broken Materials

Jing Wang, Biao Lian, Shou Cheng Zhang

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Pure spin currents carry information in quantum spintronics and could play an essential role in the next generation low-energy-consumption electronics. Here, we theoretically predict that the magnetic field can induce a quantum spin current without a concomitant charge current in metals without time reversal symmetry and inversion symmetry but respect the combined symmetry. It is governed by the magnetic moment of the Bloch states on the Fermi surface, and can be regarded as a spinful generalization of the gyrotropic magnetic effect in-broken metals. The effect is explicitly studied for a minimal model of an antiferromagnetic Dirac semimetal, where the experimental signature is proposed. We further propose candidate materials, including topological antiferromagnetic Dirac semimetals, Weyl semimetals and tenary Heusler compounds.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number1940013
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 1 2019

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  • Spintronics
  • antiferromagnetic material
  • gyrotropic magnetic effect
  • spin current


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