First results from darkside-50

D. Franco, P. Agnes, T. Alexander, A. Alton, K. Arisaka, H. O. Back, B. Baldin, K. Biery, G. Bonfini, M. Bossa, A. Brigatti, J. Brodsky, F. Budano, L. Cadonati, Frank Calaprice, N. Canci, A. Candela, H. Cao, M. Cariello, P. CavalcanteA. Chavarria, A. Chepurnov, A. G. Cocco, L. Crippa, D. D’Angelo, M. D’Incecco, S. Davini, M. de Deo, A. Derbin, A. Devoto, F. Di Eusanio, G. Di Pietro, E. Edkins, A. Empl, A. Fan, G. Fiorillo, K. Fomenko, G. Forster, F. Gabriele, C. Galbiati, A. Goretti, L. Grandi, M. Gromov, M. Y. Guan, Y. Guardincerri, B. Hackett, K. Herner, P. Humble, E. V. Hungerford, Al Ianni, An Ianni, C. Jollet, K. Keeter, C. Kendziora, S. Kidner, V. Kobychev, G. Koh, D. Korablev, G. Korga, A. Kurlej, P. X. Li, B. Loer, P. Lombardi, C. Love, L. Ludhova, S. Luitz, Y. Q. Ma, I. Machulin, A. Mandarano, S. Mari, J. Maricic, L. Marini, C. J. Martoff, A. Meregaglia, E. Meroni, P. D. Meyers, R. Milincic, D. Montanari, M. Montuschi, M. E. Monzani, P. Mosteiro, B. Mount, V. Muratova, P. Musico, A. Nelson, S. Odrowski, M. Okounkova, M. Orsini, F. Ortica, L. Pagani, M. Pallavicini, E. Pantic, L. Papp, S. Parmeggiano, R. Parsells, K. Pelczar, N. Pelliccia, S. Perasso, A. Pocar, S. Pordes, D. Pugachev, H. Qian, K. Randle, G. Ranucci, A. Razeto, B. Reinhold, A. Renshaw, A. Romani, B. Rossi, N. Rossi, S. D. Rountree, D. Sablone, P. Saggese, R. Saldanha, W. Sands, S. Sangiorgio, E. Segreto, D. Semenov, E. Shields, M. Skorokhvatov, O. Smirnov, A. Sotnikov, C. Stanford, Y. Suvorov, R. Tartaglia, J. Tatarowicz, G. Testera, A. Tonazzo, E. Unzhakov, R. B. Vogelaar, M. Wada, S. Walker, H. Wang, Y. Wang, A. Watson, S. Westerdale, M. Wojcik, A. Wright, X. Xiang, J. Xu, C. G. Yang, J. Yoo, S. Zavatarelli, A. Zec, C. Zhu, G. Zuzel

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


DarkSide-50 is dual-phase liquid argon time projection chamber, designed for direct WIMP search. The detector, consisting of 50 kg of liquid argon and shielded by active neutron and muon vetoes, is installed at Gran Sasso underground laboratory. DarkSide-50 is taking data since November 2013, collecting more than 107 events with atmospheric argon, naturally contaminated with cosmogenic39Ar beta decay. This contamination is equivalent to ~20 years of data taking with underground argon, depleted in39Ar by a factor larger than 150. Thanks to the excellent nuclear-electron recoil discrimination power of liquid argon and to the high efficiencies of the vetoes, no event has been observed in the WIMP region of interest in 47.1 days of data taking. We present the detector design and performance and the results from the atmospheric argon run.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 50th Rencontres de Moriond - 2015 Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, EW 2015
EditorsEtienne Auge, Jacques Dumarchez, Jean Tron Thanh Van
Number of pages6
ISBN (Electronic)9782954640082
StatePublished - 2015
Event50th Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, EW 2015 - La Thuile, Italy
Duration: Mar 14 2015Mar 21 2015

Publication series

NameProceedings of the 50th Rencontres de Moriond - 2015 Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, EW 2015


Conference50th Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, EW 2015
CityLa Thuile

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics


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