Elastic properties of a Sc–Zr–Nb–Ta–Rh–Pd high-entropy alloy superconductor

Yupeng Pan, Xiaobo He, Binjie Zhou, Denver Strong, Jian Zhang, Hai Bin Yu, Yunfei Tan, Robert J. Cava, Yongkang Luo

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We report a comprehensive study on the elastic properties of a hexanary high-entropy alloy superconductor (ScZrNbTa)0.685[RhPd]0.315 at room and cryogenic temperatures, by Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy experiments. The derived elastic constants are bulk modulus K=132.7GPa, Young's modulus E=121.0GPa, shear modulus G=44.9GPa, and Poisson's ratio ν = 0.348 for room temperature. The Young's and shear moduli are ∼10% larger than those in NbTi superconductor with similar Tc, while the ductility is comparable. Moreover, the mechanical performance is further enhanced at cryogenic temperature. Our work confirms the advantageous mechanical properties of high-entropy alloy superconductors and suggests the application prospects.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number104265
JournalMaterials Today Communications
StatePublished - Dec 2022

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  • General Materials Science
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Materials Chemistry


  • Elastic constants
  • High-entropy alloy
  • Superconductor


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