Design and construction of the BaBar Silicon Vertex Tracker

C. Bozzi, V. Carassiti, A. Cotta Ramusino, S. Dittongo, M. Folegani, L. Piemontese, B. K. Abbott, A. B. Breon, A. R. Clark, S. Dow, Q. Fan, F. Goozen, C. Hernikl, A. Karcher, L. T. Kerth, I. Kipnis, S. Kluth, G. Lynch, M. Levi, P. LuftL. Luo, M. Nyman, M. Pedrali-Noy, N. A. Roe, G. Zizka, D. Roberts, D. Barni, E. Brenna, I. Defendi, A. Forti, D. Giugni, F. Lanni, F. Palombo, V. Vaniey, A. Leona, E. Mandelli, P. F. Manfredi, A. Perazzo, V. Re, C. Angelini, G. Batignani, S. Bettarini, M. Bondioli, F. Bosi, G. Calderini, M. Carpinelli, F. Dutra, F. Forti, D. Gagliardi, M. A. Giorgi, A. Lusiani, P. Mammini, M. Morganti, F. Morsani, E. Paoloni, A. Profeti, M. Rama, G. Rampino, G. Rizzo, F. Sandrelli, G. Simi, G. Triggiani, S. Tritto, R. Vitale, P. Burchat, C. Cheng, D. Kirkby, T. Meyer, C. Roat, M. Bona, F. Bianchi, F. Daudo, B. di Girolamo, D. Gamba, G. Giraudo, P. Grosso, A. Romero, A. Smol, P. Trapani, D. Zanin, L. Bosisio, G. della Ricca, L. Lanceri, A. Pompili, P. Poropat, M. Prest, C. Rastelli, E. Vallazza, G. Vuagnin, C. Hast, E. P. Potter, V. Sharma, S. Burke, D. Callahan, C. Campagnari, B. Dahmes, A. Eppich, D. Hale, K. Hall, P. Hart, N. Kuznetsova, S. Kyre, S. Levy, O. Long, J. May, J. Richman, W. Verkerke, M. Witherell, J. Beringer, A. M. Eisner, A. Frey, A. Grillo, M. Grothe, R. Johnson, W. Kroeger, W. Lockman, T. Pulliam, W. Rowe, R. Schmitz, A. Seiden, E. Spencer, M. Turri, M. Wilder, E. Charles, P. Elmer, J. Nielsen, W. Orejudos, I. Scott, J. Walsh, H. Zobernig

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The Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) of the BaBar experiment at the PEP-II asymmetric B factory consists of five layers of double-sided, AC-coupled silicon strip detectors. The detectors are readout with a custom IC, capable of simultaneous acquisition, digitization and transmission of data. The SVT geometry is shown and the construction phases of its modules are described in detail, with emphasis on the bending procedures needed for the arch-modules of the outer layers.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)15-25
Number of pages11
JournalUnknown Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jun 1 2000
Externally publishedYes
EventVERTEX '99: 8th International Workshop on Vertex Detectors - Texel, Neth
Duration: Jun 20 1999Jun 25 1999

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


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