DarkSide-50: A WIMP Search with a Two-phase Argon TPC

P. D. Meyers, P. Agnes, D. Alton, K. Arisaka, H. O. Back, B. Baldin, K. Biery, G. Bonfini, M. Bossa, A. Brigatti, J. Brodsky, F. Budano, L. Cadonati, F. Calaprice, N. Canci, A. Candela, H. Cao, M. Cariello, P. Cavalcante, A. ChavarriaA. Chepurnov, A. G. Cocco, L. Crippa, D. Dangelo, M. D'Incecco, S. Davini, M. De Deo, A. Derbin, F. Di Eusanio, G. Di Pietro, E. Edkins, A. Empl, A. Fan, G. Fiorillo, K. Fomenko, G. Forster, D. Franco, F. Gabriele, C. Galbiati, A. Goretti, L. Grandi, M. Gromov, M. Guan, Y. Guardincerri, B. Hackett, K. Herner, P. Humble, E. V. Hungerford, Al Ianni, An Ianni, C. Joliet, K. Keeter, C. Kendziora, S. Kidner, V. Kobychev, G. Koh, D. Korablev, G. Korga, A. Kurlej, P. Li, B. Loer, P. Lombardi, C. Love, L. Ludhova, S. Luitz, Y. Ma, I. MacHulin, A. Mandarano, S. Mari, J. Maricic, C. J. Martoff, A. Meregaglia, E. Meroni, P. D. Meyers, R. Milincic, D. Montanari, M. Montuschi, M. E. Monzani, P. Mosteiro, B. Mount, V. Muratova, P. Musico, A. Nelson, M. Okounkova, M. Orsini, F. Ortica, L. Pagani, M. Pallavicini, E. Pantic, L. Papp, S. Parmeggiano, R. Parsells, K. Pelczar, N. Pelliccia, S. Perasso, F. Perfetto, A. Pocar, S. Pordes, H. Qian, K. Randle, G. Ranucci, A. Razeto, B. Reinhold, A. Romani, B. Rossi, N. Rossi, S. D. Rountree, D. Sablone, P. Saggese, R. Saldanha, W. Sands, E. Segreto, D. Semenov, E. Shields, M. Skorokhvatov, O. Smirnov, A. Sotnikov, Y. Suvarov, R. Tartaglia, J. Tatarowicz, G. Testera, A. Tonazzo, E. Unzhakov, R. B. Vogelaar, M. Wada, H. Wang, Y. Wang, A. Watson, R. Westerdale, M. Wojcik, A. Wright, J. Xu, C. Yang, J. Yoo, S. Zavatarelli, G. Zuzel

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DarkSide-50 is a two phase argon TPC for direct dark matter detection which is installed at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory, Italy. DarkSide-50 has a 50-kg active volume and will make use of underground argon low in 39Ar. The TPC is installed inside an active neutron veto made with boron-loaded high radiopurity liquid scintillator. The neutron veto is installed inside a 1000 m3 water Cherenkov muon veto. The DarkSide-50 TPC and cryostat are assembled in two radon-free clean rooms to reduce radioactive contaminants. The overall design aims for a background free exposure after selection cuts are applied. The expected sensitivity for WIMP-nucleon cross section is of the order of 10-45 cm2 for WIMP masses around 100 GeV/c2. The commissioning and performance of the detector are described. Details of the low-radioactivity underground argon and other unique features of the projects are reported.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)124-129
Number of pages6
JournalPhysics Procedia
StatePublished - 2015
Event13th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics, TAUP 2013 - , United States
Duration: Sep 8 2013Sep 13 2013

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