Awards for distinguished contribution to psychology in the public interest

Susan T. Fiske

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The Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest presents two awards annually to persons who, in the estimation of the Committee on Psychology in the Public Interest Awards, have advanced psychology as a science and/or profession by a single extraordinary achievement or a lifetime of outstanding contributions in the public interest. These contributions might include the identification or solution of significant social problems, unusual initiative or dedication to activity in the public interest, or the integration of the science and/or profession of psychology with social action in a manner that advances human welfare. One award is presented to a senior psychologist, and the other recognizes a psychologist who has made a significant contribution to the public interest less than 15 years after the receipt of his or her degree. In accordance with established custom, the award winners have agreed to present addresses on some phase of their contributions to psychology in the public interest at the 1992 convention. Members of the 1991 Committee on Psychology in the Public Interest Awards were Melba Vasquez, chair, G. Rita Dudley-Grant, Gerald P. Koocher, Gary B. Melton, and Robert Perloff. The awardees for this year, along with those for preceding years since the establishment of the custom, are as follows: 1978 Kenneth B. Clark 1979 Marie Jahoda, Otto Klineberg 1980 Isidor Chein, Nicholas Hobbs 1981 Herbert C. Kelman 1982 Edward F. Zigler 1983 James S. Jackson, Stuart W. Cook 1984 Patrick H. DeLeon, Seymour B. Sarason 1985 Gary B. Melton, Jerome D. Frank 1986 Stanley Sue, John Janeway Conger 1987 Michael J. Saks, Urie Bronfenbrenner 1988 Ellen Langer, M. Brewster Smith 1989 Emory L. Cowen, William Bevan, Leonard Saxe 1990 Baruch Fischhoff, David Lykken 1991 Susan T. Fiske, Evelyn Hooker.

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JournalAmerican Psychologist
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StatePublished - 1992

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