Are we ready for China?

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China has become more powerful over the years in terms of economy and will soon too with its military. Current developments may allow it to be able to contest with the United States in dominating the Western Pacific. China has however used soft policies to engage with possible allies in the region through economic ties with them. It has not taken frontal assault on America's strategic position but rather through indirect approaches by exploiting where America has lagged and had been aggressive. It has also used tools of culture strategy, wherein it invites educated people to study their culture and win friends along the way. In this way, China can retain their grip of power while enjoying the benefits of rapid economic growth. Such indirect moves are unnoticed because of America's struggle in the war on terror and neutralizing Islamic extremists. As such, there is a need for the US to take into account China's evolving future in the long run by being more assertive.

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