Analysis of the 33-133-133-1final state in photon-photon collisions

K. Karch, D. Antreasyan, H. W. Bartels, D. Besset, Ch Bieler, J. K. Bienlein, A. Bizzeti, E. D. Bloom, I. Brock, K. Brockmüller, R. Cabenda, A. Cartacci, M. Cavalli-Sforza, R. Clare, A. Compagnucci, G. Conforto, S. Cooper, R. Cowan, D. Coyne, A. EnglerK. Fairfield, G. Folger, A. Fridman, J. Gaiser, D. Gelphman, G. Glaser, G. Godfrey, K. Graaf, F. H. Heimlich, F. H. Heinsius, R. Hofstadter, J. Irion, Z. Jakubowski, H. Janssen, S. Keh, T. Kiel, H. Kilian, I. Kirkbride, T. Koiber, M. Kobel, W. Koch, A. C. König, K. Königsmann, R. W. Kraemer, S. Krüger, G. Landi, S. Lee, S. Leffler, R. Lekebusch, T. Lesiak, A. M. Litke, W. Lockman, S. Lowe, B. Lurz, D. Marlow, H. Marsiske, W. Maschmann, P. McBride, F. Messing, W. J. Metzger, H. Meyer, B. Monteleoni, B. Muryn, R. Nernst, B. Niczyporul, G. Nowak, C. Peck, P. G. Pelfer, B. Pollock, F. C. Porter, D. Prindle, P. Ratoff, M. Reidenbach, B. Renger, C. Rippich, M. Scheer, P. Schmitt, J. Schotanus, J. Schütte, A. Schwarz, D. Sievers, T. Skwarnicki, V. Stock, K. Strauch, U. Strohbusch, J. Tompkins, H. J. Trost, B. van Uitert, R. T. Van de Walle, H. Vogel, A. Voigt, U. Volland, K. Wachs, K. Wacker, W. Walk, H. Wegener, D. A. Williams, P. Zschorsch

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The reaction e+e- →e+e- ηπ0π0→e+e- 6γ has been analysed using the full data sample taken with the Crystal Ball detector at the DORIS II storage ring at DESY. The ηπ0π0 invariant mass spectrum is dominated by the η', for which we determine the radiative width Γγγ(η') to be (4.5±0.3±0.5)keV. Near 1.9 GeV/c2 we observe a second enhancement in the ηπ0π0 mass distribution. Assuming that these events are created by the production and subsequent decay of a wide resonance X(1900), we have investigated the decay modes, the invariant mass distributions of the ηπ0 and π0π0 subsystems and the angular distributions of the final state mesons. We find that the data is best described by JPC=2. For this JP assignment the resonance parameters are Γγγ(X) BR(X→ηππ)=(0.95±0.27±0.20) keV Γtot (X)=(221±92±44)MeV, and M(X)=(1881±32±40) MeV/c2.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)33-44
Number of pages12
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 1992
Externally publishedYes

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  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)


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