An improved combinatorial algorithm for Boolean matrix multiplication

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We present a new combinatorial algorithm for triangle finding and Boolean matrix multiplication that runs in Oˆ(n3/log4⁡n) time, where the Oˆ notation suppresses poly(loglog) factors. This improves the previous best combinatorial algorithm by Chan that runs in Oˆ(n3/log3⁡n) time. Our algorithm generalizes the divide-and-conquer strategy of Chan's algorithm. Moreover, we propose a general framework for detecting triangles in graphs and computing Boolean matrix multiplication. Roughly speaking, if we can find the “easy parts” of a given instance efficiently, we can solve the whole problem faster than n3.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalInformation and Computation
StatePublished - Aug 2018
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  • Boolean matrix multiplication
  • Combinatorial algorithm
  • Recursion


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