Adenovirus early region 1B 58,000-dalton tumor antigen is physically associated with an early region 4 25,000-dalton protein in productively infected cells

P. Sarnow, P. Hearing, C. W. Anderson, D. N. Halbert, T. Shenk, A. J. Levine

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In soluble protein extracts obtained from adenovirus productively infected cells, monoclonal antibodies directed against the early region 1B 58,000-dalton (E1B-58K) protein immunoprecipitated, in addition to this protein, a polypeptide of 25,000 molecular weight. An analysis of tryptic peptides derived from this 25K protein demonstrated that it was unrelated to the E1B-58K protein. The tryptic peptide maps of the 25K protein produced in adenovirus 5 (Ad5)-infected HeLa cells and BHK cells were identical, whereas Ad3-infected HeLa cells produced a different 25K protein. The viral origin of this 25K protein was confirmed by an amino acid sequence determination of five methionine residues in two Ad2 tryptic peptides derived from the 25K protein. The positions of these methionine residues in the 25K protein were compared with the nucleotide sequence of Ad2 and uniquely mapped the gene for this protein to early region 4, subregion 6 of the viral genome. A mutant of Ad5 was obtained (Ad5 dl342) which failed to produce detectable levels of the E1B-58K protein. In HeLa cells infected with this mutant, monoclonal antibodies directed against the E1B-58K protein failed to detect the associated 25K protein. In 293 cells infected with Ad5 dl342, which contain an E1B-58K protein encoded by the integrated adenovirus genome, the mutant produced an E4-25K protein which associated with the E1B-58K protein derived from the integrated genome. Extracts of labeled Ad5 dl342-infected HeLa cells (E1B-58K-) were mixed in vitro with extracts of unlabeled Ad5 wild type-infected HeLa cells or 293 cells (E1B-58K+). When the mixed extracts were incubated with the E1B-58K monoclonal antibody, a labeled E4-25K protein was coimmunoprecipitated. When extracts of Ad5 dl342 infected HeLa cells and uninfected HeLa cells (both E1B-58K- and E1B-58K+) were mixed, the E1B-58K monoclonal antibody failed to immunoselect the E4-25K protein. These data provide evidence that the E1B-58K antigen is physically associated with an E4-25K protein in productively infected cells. This is the same E1B-58K protein that was previously shown to be associated with the cellular p53 antigen in adenovirus-transformed cells.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)692-700
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of virology
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1984

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