A spectral gap precludes low-dimensional embeddings

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We prove that there is a universal constant C > 0 with the following property. Suppose that n ∈ ℕ and that A = (aij) ∈ Mn(ℝ) is a symmetric stochastic matrix. Denote the second-largest eigenvalue of A by λ2(A). Then for any finite-dimensional normed space (X, ⊥ · ⊥) we have (Equation presented) It follows that if an n-vertex O(1)-expander embeds with average distortion D ≧ 1 into X, then necessarily dim(X) ≳ nc/D for some universal constant c > 0. This is sharp up to the value of the constant c, and it improves over the previously best-known estimate dim(X) ≳ (log n)2/D2 of Linial, London and Rabinovich, strengthens a theorem of Matoušek, and answers a question of Andoni, Nikolov, Razenshteyn and Waingarten.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publication33rd International Symposium on Computational Geometry, SoCG 2017
EditorsMatthew J. Katz, Boris Aronov
PublisherSchloss Dagstuhl- Leibniz-Zentrum fur Informatik GmbH, Dagstuhl Publishing
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StatePublished - Jun 1 2017
Event33rd International Symposium on Computational Geometry, SoCG 2017 - Brisbane, Australia
Duration: Jul 4 2017Jul 7 2017

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Other33rd International Symposium on Computational Geometry, SoCG 2017

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