A comparison between the single plate and angle shear connection performance under fire

Serdar Selamet, Maria E. Garlock

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The strength and stability of connections in a floor system is an integral part of a building structure. A connection is subjected to large compressive and tensile forces during heating and cooling phase of a fire, respectively. Since shear connections are only designed for gravity loads that produce shear, their behavior in a floor assembly at elevated temperatures needs to be investigated. This paper compares the behavior of three types of shear connections (single plate, single angle and double angle) under fire conditions using the finite element software ABAQUS. The single plate shear connection was validated by a full-scale building fire tested in Cardington. Adopting Eurocode and AISC provisions on the shear connection design, the Cardington connection was redesigned using the single and double angles. While the single plate connections can provide substantial rotational ductility and tensile strength, it could fail during cooling phase of a fire by bolt-hole bearing or bolt shear. The bolted double angle connections are generally more ductile in tension which is advantageous during cooling phase; however they are prone to develop prying forces which could cause the failure of the bolts. In all of the connection models, the beam near the connection experiences local buckling at elevated temperatures.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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