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  • 2005

    Gender differences and performance in science [1]

    Muller, C. B., Ride, S. M., Fouke, J., Whitney, T., Denton, D. D., Cantor, N., Nelson, D. J., Plummer, J., Busch-Vishniac, I., Meyers, C., Rosser, S. V., Schiebinger, L., Roberts, E., Burgess, D., Beeson, C., Metz, S. S., Sanders, L., Watford, B. A., Ivey, E. S., Fox, M. F., & 59 othersWettack, S., Klawe, M., Wulf, W. A., Gircus, J., Leboy, P. S., Babco, E. L., Shanahan, B., Didion, C., Chubin, D. E., Frize, M., Ganter, S. L., Nalley, E. A., Franz, J., Abruña, H. D., Strober, M. H., Daniels, J. Z., Carter, E. A., Rhodes, J. H., Schrijver, I., Zakian, V. A., Simons, B., Martin, U., Boaler, J., Jolluck, K. R., Mankekar, P., Cray, R. M., Conkey, M. W., Stansky, P., Xie, A., Martin, P., Katehi, L. P. B., Miller, J. A., Thornton, A. T., LaPauch, A., Rhode, D. L., Gelpi, B. C., Harrold, M. J., Spencer, C. M., Ellis, C. S., Lord, S., Quinn, H., Murnane, M., Jones, P. P., Hellman, F., Wight, G., O'Hara, R., Pickering, M., Sheppard, S., Leith, D., Paytan, A., Sommer, M. H., Shafer, A., Grusky, D., Yennello, S., Madan, A., Johnson, D. L., Yanagisako, S., Chou-Green, J. M. & Robinson, S., Feb 18 2005, In: Science. 307, 5712, p. 1043 1 p.

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  • 2002

    Comment on "prediction of electronic excited states of adsorbates on metal surfaces from first principles" [3] (multiple letters)

    Wesołowski, T. A., Klüner, T., Govind, N., Wang, Y. A. & Carter, E. A., May 20 2002, In: Physical review letters. 88, 20, p. 2097011-2097021 11 p., 209701.

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